Welcome to SZUSICON 2019

It gives immense pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the 30th annual conference of the association of southern urologists - “szusicon 2019”, to be held in coimbatore.


Dr. Anushmaan Kapoor

Dr.George P. Abhraham

Dr. Kuppurajan Narayanasamy

Dr. Aneesh Srivastava

Dr. Muthu Veeramani

Dr. M. Ramalingam

Dr. Devdass Madhavan

Dr. Ginil Kumar

Dr. C. Mallikarjuna

Dr. K. Muruganatham

Dr. Manohar. T

Dr. Ganesh Gopalakrishnan

Dr. R. Jayaraman

Dr. R. M. Meyyappan

Dr. H. K. Nagaraj

Dr. Sanjay P. Kolte